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Years ago, when I started going regularly to the gym, I fell in love with the fitness and wellness industry for its fun and positivity. But I never truly felt comfortable working out next to my male colleagues – especially during unglamorous moments that involved being sweaty or doing squats.


As I learned about all the benefits that came with a sound exercise and nutrition programme, I encouraged all those I cared about to take this up as well, including my mother. A turning point came when a personal trainer pressured my mother into doing weights until she got a slipped disc in her neck, nearly paralysing her. She had to spend thousands in recuperation and was in extreme pain for months.


I decided to bring Curves to Malaysia when I saw how the women-only workout concept transformed my cousin in Australia from being a stressed-out mom to looking amazing, healthy and happy. I saw immediately that Curves was what women in Malaysia had been missing this whole time. It was workout solution that would not only help my mum, but all women.


Our VISION is to build a Strong and Positive Community, that provides the very best Member Experience, enabling the Women in Malaysia to live life to their fullest Potential.


Since Curves entered Malaysia, it has helped thousands of women achieve their goals – be it weight loss, overcoming health issues and gaining confidence. It makes us so proud at Curves that we can help to “Strengthen Women”.

Its great to be at Curves!


Alison Chin
CEO, Curves Malaysia

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