Fatimah Hamdan, 69


Fatimah Hamdan



Category Winner for Curvette of the Year 2018:


“The secret to a good life is to take care of yourself and invest in health!”  


With 4 children and 4 grandchildren, my retired life has been a really good one. I love surrounding myself with family, especially my grandchildren and I keep myself busy with religious classes and daily visits to the gym. In fact, I am very grateful to my daughter for introducing me to Curves 6 years ago. I have never looked back since! Daily workouts at Curves very quickly became a lifestyle for me. The consistency and discipline helped me lose weight and gain energy. But most importantly, my asthma became a thing of the past. I don’t get asthma attacks as often anymore and my body aches and headaches have all disappeared. I love the close bond I have with the coaches and the family circle at Curves. Nowadays there are so many young people at the gym and I love hanging out with them because it makes me feel young too.