Fuzianna Ibrahim, 55


Fuzianna Ibrahim



Category Winner for Curvette of the Year 2018:


“I am what you call a work in progress. And if I can do it, you can do it too!” 


Having found out that I had cancer on my birthday came as a big shock! Cancer treatments weakened me and it was impossible for me to workout. However once I got back on my feet, I couldn’t wait to head back to the gym. Going to Curves makes me happy. Endorphins start pumping, my body feels stronger, and it certainly helps that the environment is so pleasing and encouraging. The CurvesSmart device is my best friend. It helps me monitor my progress and keeps me on track. That, coupled with high spirited coaches and my workout buddies, is the perfect fitness regime. Since going back to my exercise routine, my arms have gotten more toned, my thighs are trimmer, my tummy is flatter and I am confident enough to be part of an upcoming fashion show featuring cancer survivors!