Janneke Bomhoff Bos, 72


Janneke Bomhoff Bos



Category Winner for Curvette of the Year 2018:


“I love spending time with my grandchildren. We play football and ride scooters together. I hope these memories of me will last with them forever!” 


I used to be a physical education and music teacher for handicapped children. I was always on my feet and constantly on the go. In Holland, exercise came naturally as I cycled, walked and swam to stay active. When we moved to Malaysia I enrolled in a gym. However due to my strong physique, the personal trainers were constantly pushing me harder despite knowing of my past injuries; and that made working out uncomfortable. One fine day, the purple balloons from Curves caught my eye and I decided to give it a try. Growing up surrounded by men, it was a little strange being in a gym with only women. Nevertheless, I noticed that the all women environment provided a conducive and safe haven for my other gym buddies and that made it a fun place to be in. The coaches are friendly and keep the workouts exciting. Today at 72, I am proud to say that I am healthy and not dependant on any medication. And at every opportunity I get, I look forward to more exciting adventures with my grandchildren.