Ng Lee Hua, 52 (Retired Teacher, Mother of 3)

Date Joined

March 2013


No more knee and elbow pain. Reduced medication for cholesterol and sugar level.

I was having bad knee pain and some kind of elbow pain and was required to take medication to control my cholesterol & sugar levels as well as medication for high blood pressure. I was feeling miserable every day.


My good friend then encouraged me to join Curves to get myself into some routine exercise. So from then on I started coming to Curves religiously in hopes of improving my health. After 9 months my doctor started to see some drop in my cholesterol and blood sugar levels. After 2 years, I have now reduced my medication for my cholesterol and sugar level.


The most surprising thing is my knee and elbow pain. They seemed to have disappeared and without me realising! Now I can even walk two steps at a time up the stairs. Amazing, but this is what routine exercise can do to improve our health.


I also lost 4.5kg and 3.6% body fat. My daughter said to me, “wow Mummy, I can see your shape!”. I feel very proud of this achievement. Thank you Curves for giving me my health and vitality again!