Noor Azwa binti Idris, 38


Noor Azwa binti Idris



Category Winner for Curvette of the Year 2018:


“I am fit and beautiful, and my confidence has increased tenfold!”


Working in a stressful environment took a toll on me. With so much to do and so little time, I was constantly neglecting my meals and physical exercises. In fact, life was so frenzied that I hardly had time off to pay attention to myself! But one day, all that changed! I decided to take control of my life. It was time to make ME my Priority! I decided to be fit! So I went on a lookout for an all women gym and found Curves!  In the beginning, I had my doubts about their 30 minute circuit, but after trying it, I realized that 30 minutes is all you need for an effective full body workout.  The women only environment puts me at ease during my workout and the coaches motivate me to work harder. I am proud to say that in just one year, I have lost inches of my waist, dropped in weight and have moved on to smaller clothes. I still love eating, but I eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep up with my new lifestyle. Looking good has boosted my confidence and I’m glad that it’s all thanks to Curves!