Peggy Ng, 27 (Pre-School Principal)

Date Joined

February 2014


Over 14kg and 13.6% body fat lost

Before joining Curves, I used to have very late dinners and very few hours of sleep at night due to my long working hours. I did not notice that I was actually gaining weight and getting bigger over time due to my work stress and hormonal imbalance. This really affected my body shape and I was not aware that the sizes of my clothes and dresses were slowly increasing from Size L to XL. Due to the weight gain, I also felt that my stamina was decreasing and worsening from month to month. My ex-boyfriend told me I was FAT. I felt so horrible and helpless and lost my self-confidence. I did not know what to do until I found Curves.


I choose to workout at Curves because it only takes 30 minutes to have a complete exercise program. This workout concept is very convenient for me as I have a very hectic work schedule. The 30 minute workout at Curves helps me to manage my time well for a healthier lifestyle. With the CurvesSmart workout, it challenges and motivates me each time I exercise. This has greatly improved my stamina as I stopped feeling tired easily at work like I used to before joining Curves.


I have also acquired a healthier eating habit by controlling my meal portions. The Coaches at Curves give me a lot of advice and support during my monthly weigh and measure where we discuss about food and nutrition. Just by having a healthier diet and regular CurvesSmart workouts my body has really toned up and is getting smaller. After joining Curves, I am now able to wear Size S clothes.


I am really proud of myself and most importantly I have gained back my self-confidence. Thank you Curves!