Li Yoon, 56


Li Yoon



Category Winner for Curvette of the Year 2018:


“I can now lift heavy items which I used to have to rely on others for help!” 


I used to do a lot of walking and when I had osteoporosis I knew I needed more strength training. Prior to Curves, I was going to a conventional gym. The coaches were always stressing on the building of muscles and neglected the need to check on proper form and personal safety; and that’s when things got out of hand and I suffered a frozen shoulder. Having a frozen shoulder hindered me from doing many things. So I started sourcing for other gyms and found Curves! What I love the most about Curves is the utilization of our own body weight to help strengthen us. The proper use of the equipment with the right techniques, their gradual approach and the compulsory stretches (warm up and cool down) makes working out more significant and allows little to no room for injuries. Now I am happy that I am fitter, stronger and have muscles to lift heavy things which I couldn’t in the past!