Pramjit Kaur, 39 (Stay at Home Mum, Mother of 2)

Date Joined

January 2013


Over 14kg lost

To me, Curves is such a great place for women to do their workouts. The facilities here really cater for women’s needs. I really enjoy using each machine especially with the CurvesSmart technology. CurvesSmart is very good since it helps us to identify our target and this motivates me to push myself harder during the workout.


The benefits when you join Curves is that you can really see results just by coming at least three times a week for workout. As for myself, I really saw changes six months after I joined Curves. It has now been over two years since I joined Curves. My weight dropped from 80.8kg to 66kg. Now, I feel healthier and more energetic. I also feel that my stamina has increased. The Coaches are really friendly and caring, and continue to motivate me. My goal was to reach 65kg but now I have changed it and made it 60kg.


Once you have reached your goal, it does not mean you should stop going to the gym. You will gain weight by sitting at home, eating popcorn and watching TV. By doing more strength training workouts, I have increased my metabolism and can enjoy the food I like to eat.


I previously used to run and exercise outdoors, but one day a man followed me by motorbike and it really gave me a fright. I love that at Curves I can do my workout in a safe and comfortable environment, and I have made so many friends here.


Last but not least, do not compare yourself with others because everyone is different. Never give up!