Tan I – Lyn, 27


Tan I – Lyn



Category Winner for Curvette of the Year 2018:


“Exercising gives me peace of mind and assures me that I am taking care of my health and body, and investing in self love!” 


After coming back from Melbourne, it took me some time to acclimatize to the Malaysian lifestyle. I knew that I needed some form of constant physical activity to stay active and not just live as a couch potato at home. My mom introduced me to Curves and since it was close to home, I figured why not? I love Curves because it provides a friendly, secure and welcoming environment for all its members.  As a dance teacher, I use exercising as a means to release stress and keep toned.  Despite having dance injuries, Curves’ circuit keeps me moving safely and I enjoy my workouts. There really is no reason for any woman to not workout with Curves. It is so simple – get on the circuit, do your exercises, get off the circuit and stretch. The structure might seem simple but it leaves you feeling accomplished and stronger physically, mentally and emotionally!