Tengku Faira Edna Iskandariah Bt Tengku Iskandar, 40 (Housewife)

Date Joined

March 2015


Dropped 4 sizes in just 8 months!

Amongst my siblings and friends, I’ve always been the largest. I would constantly get teased by others, and I turned to food to cure my sorrow. After giving birth to my second child, the weight became really stubborn and I just couldn’t lose it.


One day my doctor found suspected blockage in my arteries, and I had to undergo a coronary angiogram. This was my wakeup call. I had to take control of my health. I joined multiple fitness centres, but I saw no changes in my body. I had to pay extra to get a personal trainer to coach me.


The whole experience was very frustrating. Then I found Curves. The supportive Coaches motivated me and they taught me how to eat healthily. The weight started melting off, and I was able to drop 4 sizes in just 8 months!