Tunku Azela binti Tunku Aziz, 47


Tunku Azela binti Tunku Aziz



Category Winner for Curvette of the Year 2018:


“A woman should always feel at ease with herself and her body!” 


I used to be very active in my younger years and I used to do humanitarian work around the world. However, in my 30s I slowed down to focus on marriage and family, and as time passed, I realized that I was getting older. I was getting more sluggish and I needed to keep up with my growing children. My body was giving me all these signals and I knew I had to make a lifestyle change! And that’s when I checked out Curves. I love that Curves is a women only fitness centre which means it’s ok to remove the hijab and still feel safe. Workouts are only for 30 minutes and varied with Power Jam sessions. It’s close to home, so that’s convenient! Today, since joining Curves, I feel lighter, sleep better, worry less and most importantly I have made many new friends. Now I belong to a community of women who share one common goal. So it’s not just me alone, but us together!