Strength Training

At Curves we know Strength Training works.


Curves members are full of spirit, because they know that Strength Training can change their lives for the better, ensuring they can lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


We have long maintained that Strength Training is the missing link in women’s fitness. Our goal is to educate all women on its benefits.


We want everyone to know that Strength Training will improve the quality of their life in the future.


We genuinely believe in the Curves workout and the benefits of Strength Training. We believe in working hard and getting results. Above anything else, we want everyone to know how important Strength Training is. For that, we are committed to promoting Strength Training in our community and invite all women to join us.

At Curves we are committed to improve the quality of women’s lives.


Strength Training is an essential form of exercise for women. It helps prevent illness and keeps our bodies from ageing.


Not many women are aware of this. Without Strength Training we may see gradual changes in body shape and our health may decline. Especially after the age of 30, we lose lean muscle every year. This results in a drop our metabolism.

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